The Rise And Shine Of BPO Industry In India

Bpo India

BPO industry can be defined through this-a booming industry that offers state of the art infrastructure, immense job opportunities and cool pay packages. Since mid 1990s, India has in fact become a leader in providing Information Technology Enabled Services [ITES]. This can be considered as the foundation for Business Process Outsourcing service4s in India.

According to NASSCOM, the current size of BPO sector in India is $11 billion and is expected to grow by fivefold and reach $50 billion by year 2012. Almost 2.5 per cent of India’s GDP comes from the BPO sector. It has a spillover effect on rise in export earnings and employment for nearly 2 million people round the country.

More and more international companies are vying India for outsourcing as a Indian call centers present customer gratification which instantly leads to higher rate of customer retention. This leads to immensely improved productivity and ultimately results in huge profits. Add to it the state of the art infrastructure and highly qualitative training methods which are designed exclusively to meet customer needs. All these have made India a popular and quite cheap destination for BPO services round the world.

Indian BPOs have also undergone a change to accommodate the international needs of their clients. In fact they afford quite an innovative mixed package of services for their clientele in the form of outsourcing services like sales, credit management, verification services, market research. BPO is not limited to just voice only. It has now extended to include other management services like human resources, finance, accounting, animation, multimedia, legal transcription and various other industry specific services.


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