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New future of call center

New future of call center

BPO industry is responsible for generating 50 per cent of jobs in urban India but it is still being tagged as call centre industry.

Diksha P Gupta, EFY News Network

Wednesday, May 09, 2012: It is an interesting time for the Indian BPO industry. The industry is now in a phase of contradictions. When Noshir Kaka, managing director, McKinsey and company referred to the Indian BPO industry, they chose to describe it like this and he had his reasons to do this as well. He said, “Nasscom’s report released a week ago said that industry will grow at around 14 per cent and it is still less of growth.”

Kaka was chairing the CEO round table at BPO India Forum 2012. Focusing on the non-linear growth model of business, he invited opinions of industry experts including Hanumant Talwar, managing director and country manager, India and UK, Convergys and Sanjiv Kapoor, senior vice president and global head of BPO and iTOPS, iGate. Talwar said, “Non-linear growth for us means business as usual. It is about providing what customers need. We clearly have to look at providing value-add and outcome based service to a client.”
Kapoor, however, had a different opinion on this issue. He said, “If we look at the figures, I think non-linear growth accounts for less than 10 per cent for platform based BPOs. I think both linear and non-linear models have to co-exist for right development.”

Indian BPO industry has been around for 10 years now and it has surely crossed the nascent stage. After seeing good expansion in Tier I cities, the companies are exploring Tier II and Tier III cities now. The concept of rural BPOs has also come in. But the image of being tagged as a call centre has been attached to the Indian BPO industry ever since it started. Raising his grievance against this notion, Narayan Sampath, head, India Business, said, “BPO industry is responsible for generating 50 per cent of jobs in urban India but it is still being tagged as call centre. I think it’s time that people start looking at the industry with broader perspective. It’s time that BPO industry is recognised more than just a call centre industry. Infosys alone has about 140 clients, many of which are very high-end processes.”

Outsourcing has become a need for many industries. Representing the telecom industry, S Asokan, executive director, supply chain, Bharti Airtel, said, “It’s impossible for any telco to deal with the entire business without outsourcing. Outsourcing some jobs is a win-win situation. You get the job done at the best price.”

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